Tips for Pruning Roses for Winter

This time of year is kind of a sad time for me as I start pruning roses for winter. I’ve taken care of them all summer, and now it’s time to cut them back. I don’t do major trimming in the Fall, but as I cut off what I assume are the last flowers of the year, I make sure to cut them down far enough for a nice pruning, while still leaving enough leaves on to feed the roots. And I also make sure to cut off any dead limbs at this time because I can be sure that they are no longer going to flourish.

I’ve been pruning roses for winter this way for several years and it’s never gone wrong for me. Then, as the leaves start to fall off, I pick them out of the dirt so they don’t spread disease through the winter. I have a terrible time growing roses with black spot where they’re planted, so I’m very careful not to leave any leaves in the garden that can infect the other plants next year.

Also, this year I’ve marked the plants I want to move around. We say we’re going to do this every year, but never get around to it. Now next year when they all look the same, we’ll know which ones didn’t do so well where they were planted, and can actually identify them! Look at that, we’re actually getting organized as we continue growing roses.

I also get sad when pruning roses for winter because the rose garden is the one plot of land I get to take care of while Jeff is busy with the rest of the gardening. It gives me peace of mind, and is MUCH more satisfying than cleaning house!