Small Space Garden but LOTS of Beautiful Plants

small space gardening-rhodieEven though we have a fairly small back yard, the person who lived here before us owned a concrete business and we’re fairly sure he’s the one who put in the pool, and he also put in brick planter boxes all around the outside of our back yard. This makes for some beautiful small space gardening all year round!

You can see there is a rhododendron blooming, as well as a few small trees. And Jeff has really started to get into the Hellebores because they have beautiful spring blooming flowers and last a long time. He’s buying a few every year and strategically placing them around this planting area.

He also has primroses all around on the left side of that area (which you can’t see very well), but there are a few yellow ones visible at the bottom of the statue. He has a LOT of primroses because with his green thumb, he’s been dividing the ones I’ve given him for his birthday over the years and now he has so many they’re almost like ground cover. I didn’t even know they grew back year after year.

Anyway, these are just a few pictures to show off what’s happening in the spring at our house. He’s been re-arranging a few more things in other areas of the year, so I’ll try to keep up with him over the next few months so you can maybe get some ideas.

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