Theres a New Hydrangea in Town

I love our Hydrangeas, mostly because there are not too many plants that are blue!  However, I sometimes envy those who have pink or red Hydrangeas because I have never been able to change the color of mine, until now. I now know that the color of … [Continue reading]

Ants on Peonies – Love Um and Leave Um , But Attack the Earwigs!

I have a Peony plant by my front door, it’s beautiful when in bloom, but every year I want to get the spray out and get rid of all of the ants on it.  But I don’t.  You see, the ants that accumulate on Peonies are eating a substance produced by … [Continue reading]

The Tomato Experience

I have a question.  How do you spell Tomato?  I’ve been doing some research and I’ve found it spelled both ways (even within the same web-sites) - Tomato, and Tomatoe.  I’m a little paranoid about getting it wrong, but I’ve come to the conclusion … [Continue reading]

Mulching – What you Can and Cannot Use

Do you need an inexpensive way to mulch your vegetable garden or Rose Garden?  Well, just look around, you can use almost anything that you find in your yard for mulch.  You can use grass clippings, spoiled hay, straw, newspaper (well, that’s in … [Continue reading]

Surprisingly Harmless, Natural ways to Repel Mosquitoes…

I think I mentioned once that if you have a garden pond with fish in it, your fish will eat mosquito larva, which will cut down on the mosquitoes as a whole, but I’m sure some of them will still get away.  Therefore, since summer’s coming on, I … [Continue reading]

What Goes Around Comes Around — The Bearded Iris!

Sometimes I can't believe what's growing in our Garden.  I noticed these Bearded Iris's outside, but suddenly, I had a vase full of them on my table when I came home from shopping.  Jeff thought we couldn't see them good enough where they were … [Continue reading]

Get Rid of Slugs the Natural Way – Invite Them to Happy Hour!

While February is usually the time to start looking for slugs because they are smaller (and have not eaten all your plants yet), it’s never to late to test a few natural slug-eliminating techniques before you try slug bait.  Slug bait works, but … [Continue reading]

Landscaping with Ponds and Plants

This is a lot to consider when you start to think about landscaping, or re-landscaping your yard, and it can be a little scary after seeing how many different books and magazines there are to investigate before you start.  However, it is important … [Continue reading]

Creating a Butterfly Garden

In order to attract butterflies to your garden you need to provide for them what they need. Generally, butterflies look for two things in a garden, food and host plant where they can lay their eggs.  If these two things are present in your garden … [Continue reading]

How to Choose the Best Plants for your Square Foot Garden

The following article on choosing plants for your Square Foot Garden, or any garden, should be center stage in your design process.  If you've been thinking you need to know more about how to choose your plants, here's your opportunity. Don’t just … [Continue reading]