Landscape Butterfly Gardening

Some of the most beautiful animals in the world are butterflies. Rich in color and life, these insects are a pleasure to behold. Unfortunately, many species of butterflies have become instinct as their living space and food supply are threatened by … [Continue reading]

Using Pesticides For Rose Disease Control

After all the hard work, time and attention you put into you rose gardens, the last thing you want is to lose them due to rose diseases or fungus. Unfortunately, proper planting, feeding, watering and sunlight are just not enough. To have healthy … [Continue reading]

Control Weeds in Your Rose Gardens

Weeds are simply undesirable plants growing in the places you don't want them. Even though they are undesirable, they insist on growing in your garden anyway. The best of gardeners go through this, too. The good news is there are methods for … [Continue reading]

Vegetable Garden Planting For Maximum Efficiency

When you’re planning a vegetable garden, there’s more to consider than just what plants grow in your area.  In fact, that should be your secondary concern as you get ready for your vegetable garden planting. There are four questions you need to … [Continue reading]

Vertical Gardening Space Saving Tips

When I visited Epcot Center last month, I took a tour of the vertical gardening area and I was very surprised. They are now experimenting with tons of plants that can be grown vertical, saving space and water, so more plants can be grown in the same … [Continue reading]

Herb Garden How To

It’s no wonder herb gardening is one of the most popular forms of gardening. Herbs are not only used for flavor while cooking, but some herbs have been used to treat illness. They were even believed to have magical powers.  That’s why many people … [Continue reading]

When to Plant Roses

Its important to the future health of your rose bush to know when to plant roses - you definitely need to watch out for just the right time.  Actually, that's easier said than done. Determining when to plant roses can be confusing. Ill go over a … [Continue reading]

Organic Gardening Tips to Grow Naturally

Usually when people think of gardening, they think they are gardening organically. But unfortunately, there are a lot of things you can do unconsciously that make your garden not so organic.  These are the most basic and simple mistakes people make … [Continue reading]

Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Getting back to nature can be a rejuvenating experience. But nature doesn’t have to mean exploring the forest, you can bring nature into your back yard with a few creative backyard landscape design ideas. Jeff was working in a small area in our … [Continue reading]

Plant Lawn Seed Easily With Creative Garden Tool

I went outside to see what Jeff was doing this weekend, and once again, he had devised another contraption to make his gardening work easier - and save some money with a creative idea on how to plant lawn seed. Most of the time when people buy … [Continue reading]