How to Grow Moss in Small Space Gardening

We have a space on the side of our house where Jeff's is slowly growing a sort of secret garden. There are currently a lot of plants, a stone walkway, and then a space between the walkway and the fence. He used to have grass planted in that area, … [Continue reading]

How to Ripen Pears After Picking

It's a good time to learn how to ripen pears because they're about ready for picking.  Actually, pears have to be picked before they are ripe; otherwise their skin gets that gritty feeling when you eat them. My friend told me how to ripen pears … [Continue reading]

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Fast and Easy

Here's my one and only fruit fly trap for getting rid of fruit flies easily: * one fourth cup apple cider vinegar in a small bowl, add * 1 tsp. Dawn dishwashing liquid Spray a small amount of water in the bowl so the dish soap foams, then … [Continue reading]

Our Grand Potato Harvest of 2010

Well, here's our potato harvest for this year.  Only a few of the plants had turned brown, but once Jeff got the pitch fork in hand and started digging, he got a little excited about his little potato harvesting adventure and just kept … [Continue reading]

The Perfect Time to Harvest Potatoes

Jeff and I were taking a look at what still needed to be done in the garden for Fall when we had a discussion on when to harvest potatoes.  He has about six plants of various varieties growing in the back yard, and they still look lush and green.  I … [Continue reading]

Tricks to Growing a Square Watermelon

It's that time of season again when fruits and vegetables are plentiful and it's time to eat a lot of them before they become scarce again. But would you want to cut into a prized square watermelon? Just like the earth is not square, it really … [Continue reading]

Tips for Pruning Roses for Winter

This time of year is kind of a sad time for me as I start pruning roses for winter. I've taken care of them all summer, and now it's time to cut them back. I don't do major trimming in the Fall, but as I cut off what I assume are the last flowers … [Continue reading]

Jeff’s Purple Clematis Vine

The purple clematis vine that we have growing over an arbor is just beautiful this time of year! I think most of the flowers are now in bloom, but it has been blooming for almost a month. It's one of the prettiest things in our back yard and … [Continue reading]

Attract Hummingbirds Without a Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds are in full swing this time of year, and we have found that our bright plants in the garden are a great method to attract hummingbirds. The red hot poker plants usually come up first in the spring, and boy do the hummingbirds love them! … [Continue reading]

Simple Hydroponics Gardening

Most people are familiar with the prefix "hydro" especially if you're in the Western Washington area where the Hydroplane races take place. But we're not here today to talk about boat racing; we're going to discuss planting a hydroponics garden. … [Continue reading]