How Jeff Starts a CampFire

121-2185_IMG.jpgMy sister came to visit us in the end of September, and it was a bit cold outside so we decided to start a campfire.

Jeff purchased this handy metal campfire holder earler.

Most people would gather up a a bunch of paper and wood and get some matches (or go to Fatwood Firestarters – Plow & Hearth)  – but not Jeff.  He just got the ole Propane Torch out and proceded to do it the FAST way!  I would say “don’t try this at home, but it actually works pretty well – just be CAREFUL!


Plow & Hearth

Bug Zapping – Dont try this at home?

At our house, Jeff is the “King of Gardening,” and I seem to have been given the title of “Queen Bug Killer!”

We don’t have many bugs, but the wasps drive me crazy!  They love to come over and visit as we are trying to enjoy our bar-b-q’d meals outside.  They especially love seafood – it’s impossible to eat salmon outside without at least three wasps showing up for dinner.

I have those little yellow wasp catcher devices all over the place, and they seem to work, but I guess grilled salmon is much more attractive than whatever I put into the wasp catcher.

Anyway, Jeff was at the store the other day and found another device.  One that we could use to instantly ZAP those wasps (and any other bug) that wanted to join us for dinner. 

It’s called a BugZapper, and is not for the faint of heart.  Basically, you touch the bug with this tennis racket looking thing, and the bug is instantly electrocuted (we usually do this after we get done eating).  This thing uses two small AA batteries, and kills mosquitoes, flies, gnats, (wasps are a little big, but it stuns them enough so we can get rid of them).

Now for the reason I’m writing this story.  Jeff gave me the bug zapper, I read the directions, and told him how to use it.

Now, what’s the first thing a man will do when given a small electrocution device that he can hold in his hands – even if his wife tells him not to touch the metal wires. . .

He touches the metal wires!

OUCH!  He touched the wires – thinking that the two little batteries couldn’t have that much power.  WRONG – The BugZapper gave him a pretty good ZAP, nothing that would knock a person out or anything, but more than you would think for a small device like that (it’s just a little worse than that lightening reaction game where you get zapped if you’re the last one to let go of the handle)

Curiosity got the best of Jeff, and so did the BugZapper  :-)

I’m going to stick to using it on wasps, it’s kind of a fun “toy,” and it makes me laugh when I remember the look on Jeff’s face when he got zapped!

If you want to have some cheap fun with your bugs, go here and do a search for: Tennis Racket Bug Zapper.

Why do Chickens Need to Eat Ice Chips?

I mentioned before in a previous post that South Dakota was going through a drought.  The other day they got up to 120 degrees!  I guess I’ll stop complaining that Seattle has not been up to 80 degrees since June and enjoy our “cool” 75 degree weather.

My Mom’s funny though, she calls the yard her blond lawn now – everything is dying, except for the cactus like desert plants and sticker bushes, which have now decided to take over – the dogs are full of them!  She also told me that it’s so dry that the Fire Trucks have to get their water out of the Lagoon!  For those of you who don’t know, the Lagoon is where the town wastewater sits and ferments until it is processed and clean enough to be drained into other places (not usually fire trucks though).  It really is sad, it’s been about 8 years since they’ve had any water.  If you’re a prayer, please pray for rain in South Dakota.

She also told me that the farmers have started to feed their chickens ice chips.  I thought this was to keep them cool, but then she told me it was to keep them from laying BOILED EGGS!  HAA Haaaaa Haa!  That one is not true, of course, but it shows that at least people can keep their sense of humor in hard times.

 If this keeps up, I’ll have to send her some Accents for her Garden, since there won’t be much else there.  A birdfeeder might be nice. . .

Take care, hope you’re all enjoying summer wherever you are.

Why Jeff is the Gardener and Evelyn Should Stick to Writing!

EHose_ETMed_IMG(TN).jpgIt’s the day before summer officially begins and it’s a nice sunny day in Seattle.  After a hard day’s work, I got myself a nice cold beer and went outside to claim a lawn chair and read a magazine.  I guess I had read for about half an hour, and Jeff was puttering around doing his gardening stuff.  Then he looked over at the tomato plants and said, “you should water your tomatoes.” 

Humm, sounded like work to me, but my beer was gone by this time, so I decided it might be OK to get up and do some watering. 

Now, I HAVE watered before, but sometimes Jeff has these gadgets on the hoses that redirect water, shut off water, etc., very simple devices really.  So now I have the hose unrolled over to the tomato plants, and I’m trying to figure out if it’s on or not, or how to turn it on.  Mind you, I’ve only had one beer at this point.

I think to myself, “this little lever on the side of the hose must be the shut-off, is it off?”  So I close one eye the best I could and peeked into the hose, while turning the lever to see if it opened anything up.  Yes, you guessed it!  The water shot right into my face!  I looked at Jeff and he just stood there staring at me, trying not break into the laughter he thought might make me mad as water dripped down my face. 

So, I frowned and went over to the tomatoes and began to water, trying not to laugh in order to punish him for having such hi-tech devices on his garden hose!  I couldn’t do it though, I started to crack up, and then, much relieved, Jeff started to laugh and shake his head in disbelief that I had really done such a stupid thing.  Then, he came over and gave me a hug, and put a different nozzle on the hose so I could continue watering without using that little lever again.

I finished watering – then went for another beer!