Outdoor Garden Decor Adds Plenty of Personality

Yes, flowers are nice, but sometimes you just need something a little more. A centerpiece that you can masterfully plant flowers around that draws the eye to a spot of color or a special place. That’s where outdoor garden décor comes into play.

This is a small area of our yard where we have a stone garden statue. And around this piece of outdoor garden décor Jeff has decided that pink is the color for this area. So in the spring, there are lots of pretty pink Azaleas and Rhododendrons. It’s a splash of color that you just can’t miss.

Jeff actually has these little statues all around the yard. In a container gardening area, you’ll find small lion statues peeking in our door, surrounded by containers of beautiful flowers. Then there’s another centerpiece of garden statues and fountains that make for excellent bird watching as they bath and play in the water.

Even if you have a small space garden, you’ll find that it becomes much more interesting if you add a little outdoor garden décor. And things like sea shells and small cherub garden statues can even be placed in a square foot garden to add that little something more. So what are you waiting for, there’s lots of interesting things you can do in just a little space to make your garden outstanding!

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2011 Lilac Bouquet

Ahh, my yearly Lilac Bouquet has arrived. Jeff did a good job on it this year, it’s twice as big as last year’s flower gardening bouquet!

I love lilacs! They not only look good, but they make the entire house smell fresh. He actually snuck them onto the table while I was in the kitchen. I walked by the table in a rush to get something from the pantry and smelled them before I even noticed them setting there!

Fresh cut flowers are always a nice surprise!