Bird Watching With The Big Year

Bird Cam Are you interested in Bird Watching, feeding the birds, helping birds, anything to do with birds? I agree that this may not be the opportune time for some people going into the winter season to buy bird watching supplies, but winter comes with its own breed of bird, and bird watching supplies make great gifts for your bird loving friend.

There’s also a comedy coming out that should be really good with these actors combined. It’s called “The Big Year” and opens in theaters on Oct. 14),

It features Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson play three bird-watching enthusiasts who enter into a year-long contest called The Big Year, in which participants attempt to spot the greatest number of birds in North America. (This is a real competition by the way, and the movie is based on the book by the same name.)

You may have already seen a commercial for the movie, but if not you can watch the trailer for The Big Year here:

So get ready now and have your bird stuff ready. Wouldn’t it be a great gift idea to give someone tickets to the movie along with a Birdcam? I would be really excited! Here are a few ideas for your or your bird watching friend:

Wingscapes Audubon Birdcam

Wingscapes Birdcam 2.0 with Night Flash

Bird Baths

Hummingbird Feeders

Bird Seed Feeders

Enjoy! Have a laugh at the movie and then let your bird watching take on a life of it’s own.