Cool Crop – Lettuce and Cilantro

This is tlettuce_cilhe fourth head of lettuce I’ve gotten from our square foot garden. We thought it was head lettuce, but it’s looking more like Romaine. The cilantro has just started to get big enough to pick a little more to make a great taste in the salad – but ohh what a taste it is. LOVIN the first signs of summer – and the first of the cool crops! And, there are Tomatoes, Basil, Cucumbers and Mint growing in the ground now – I can’t wait!

My Favorite Peach Rose

I only have a few more roses left to bloom before Fall takes everything so I wanted to share these. I just LOVE the peach one and it smells really good too! Enjoy! … [Continue reading]

Small Space Garden but LOTS of Beautiful Plants

Even though we have a fairly small back yard, the person who lived here before us owned a concrete business and we're fairly sure he's the one who put in the pool, and he also put in brick planter boxes all around the outside of our back yard. This … [Continue reading]

Flowering Cherry Tree Makes Excellent Umbrella

Well, it's April and our Cherry tree is in full bloom! It's just beautiful this time of year. This one is a flowering cherry tree so it doesn't bear fruit (it's kind of like the ones you see this time of year in Washington D.C.). It got its shape … [Continue reading]

Bird Watching With The Big Year

Are you interested in Bird Watching, feeding the birds, helping birds, anything to do with birds? I agree that this may not be the opportune time for some people going into the winter season to buy bird watching supplies, but winter comes with its … [Continue reading]

Outdoor Garden Decor Adds Plenty of Personality

Yes, flowers are nice, but sometimes you just need something a little more. A centerpiece that you can masterfully plant flowers around that draws the eye to a spot of color or a special place. That's where outdoor garden décor comes into … [Continue reading]

2011 Lilac Bouquet

Ahh, my yearly Lilac Bouquet has arrived. Jeff did a good job on it this year, it's twice as big as last year's flower gardening bouquet! I love lilacs! They not only look good, but they make the entire house smell fresh. He actually snuck them … [Continue reading]

Growing Lettuce From Seed is Easy

Now, to you this picture may not look like a lot, but to me it looks like fresh lettuce all summer long. It's our first lettuce crop of the year and we'll be growing lettuce all year long! Growing lettuce is not a hard thing to do, although, … [Continue reading]

New Home Landscape Design Software

How many times have you gone out into your yard, took one look at it, and just shook your head because you just didn't know what to do with it? Sometimes figuring out the landscaping can be the hardest part of gardening. I also know it's the easiest … [Continue reading]

12-Volt Max Drill/Driver / Impact Driver Combo Kit Half Off!

I just found this on sale at Amazon and thought I'd share since it's Jeff's Birthday soon - not that he needs one, but you never know. . . It's on sale for about half the list price! … [Continue reading]