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Container Gardening with BasilThere’s nothing better than fresh basil from the garden, of course, I think I say that about everything from the garden, but it’s true! We just planted some basil and Jeff did an excellent job with it. He bought the basil that comes in a cup-like container. When he poured it out of the cup to plant it, he found out that there were a lot of small plants in the cup. So, instead of planting them all in one hole, like he did with the cilantro, he went through them, separated them into individual plants, and planted a much larger Basil garden then originally intended. They are doing nicely now, and I think we will have LOTS of Basil for our soups, salads and salsa. The nice thing about planting herbs is that they can grow in a regular garden, and they also work nicely for container gardening and Square Foot Gardening.


If you plant basil in a container and have it outside in the full sun it may appear to wilt at times.  Even though Basil is  an herb, and herbs usually like soil on the drier side, it can sometimes look a little droopy.  There are three factors you should consider when this happens.



1.  Basil is actually an herb that needs a "normal" amount of water.  If you have a droopy herb, check the soil.  If the soil is dry, and the Basil recovers after watering, than you can be pretty sure you need to water more often.  When you do water, soak the entire root ball, allowing the excess water to drain away.  Check frequently and see how long it takes for the soil to dry, and water again when the soil is dried out.


2.  If it is very hot, the plant may just be taking a “Siesta” so to speak, and are resting because it is too hot.  Even if you water it at this time, it may not be able to soak up water fast enough to recover from the water it is losing in the sun, and will continue to wilt even after being watered.  You might want to put it in the shade at noon or during the hottest times of the day and see if that helps. 


3.      Check and see if the Basil is root bound in the container.  If the roots have begun to fill the container, it may need a larger pot and more soil.


Here’s an easy recipe that you can make with your fresh Basil.  It was just introduced to me this year, and I will probably never eat a BLT again.  This is for a BBTA.









Bread, I like to use French Rolls

Mayo - or whatever you usually put on your sandwiches


Fry or bake the bacon; toast the rolls in the oven with a little butter.  Then just layer on the Bacon, Basil, Avocado, Tomato and Mayo and Enjoy!


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