Square Foot Gardening Layouts

If you're having trouble figuring out how to do your square foot garden layouts, perhaps you just need a little incentive.  There is a company called Frame-It-All that sells raised garden beds for those with limited space. 

The nice thing about these beds is that they come pre-measured. It just takes a few hammer hits to put them together and you have the perfect square foot garden bed.

After you've got it set up, it's not hard to partition it into your square foot sections and start growing.  You can get started quickly with all the herbs and vegetables you'll need for summer, winter, spring or fall! 

Or, if you would like to go one step further and have a little more room, you can get a good head start on your spring plants with a greenhouse that will protect your crop from adverse weather and extend the season into winter.

Either way, like I said, if you're having problems getting started because you just can't determine your square foot garden layout, get a simple frame and get started!

Frame It All - Simple Modular Gardens


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