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One of the reasons we have to concentrate so much on container gardening is that our back yard is mostly swimming pool surrounded by concrete.

This makes in-ground planting in our back yard mostly impossible, which is why we have a huge variety of plants in containers, and raised garden beds.

Even though we have limited space, Jeff always manages to make room for more plants.  My uncle bought us a banana plant about 5 years ago, and Jeff has managed to propagate that one plant into about 20! 

We lost a few this year due to an extreme winter, but he covered them up good enough to save most of them. I'll update the picture below when they get big this year, but you can see more of them on the banana tree page.

When we first moved into the house with the pool, we simply went to the local pool store and bought our supplies.  However, now we've found a better way to find discount swimming pool supplies pool equipment online at In the Swim.

We've never had a problem getting deliveries, they're almost there the next day!  You should definitely check them out.  You may be paying twice as much at pool supplies stores than if you bought discount swimming pool supplies pool equipment from in The Swim.

discount swimming pool supplies pool equipment

Now, if Summer would just be a little longer. . .




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