Gunnera, Large Container Plant




Here's the large Gunnera we have growing in one of our concrete tiers (it's only medium size right now).  Stay tuned as it grows larger during the summer.  It's just Amazing!

Gunnera's aren't the easiest plants to grow because they like very boggy soil. Usually you can find them close to a pond or lake, but not at our house!

In order to get this one to grow healthly in a small space, Jeff first lined the concrete with black plastic.  Then rocks were put in, and then soil. We kind of cheat on this one because it is right beside the garden spigot, which is in front of the garage, so we just turn on the water and let it run for about 15 minutes until the "bog" is full. 

The leaves are large and full of ridges, but be careful.  They have spikes on the underside, making them not useable for a shade hat when it gets hot outside  :-)

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Under the right conditions, Gunnera's have been known to stop traffic.  You will be amazed when I post the picture at the end of summer! 

If you buy a baby Gunnera, you can pay anywhere from $10.00-$50 for a small one, or more for larger ones.  You'll only need to buy one though, because if you treat them right, they will have lots of babies every year.  We started with just one, and we have given a lot of small ones away already; you can almost see that there are 4 in this spot right now.

If you've got room, it's definitely fun to experiment with this strange, huge, plant!



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