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Here you'll find Square Foot Gardening Advice for Small Space Gardening, Container Gardening, Landscaping Garden Layout, and whatever else we can come up with!


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Square Foot GardeningSquare Foot Gardening Layouts & Advice

Hello, I'm Jeff - a sort of square foot gardening expert. I do a lot of square foot gardening layouts as well as small space gardening. I put together this site to help square foot gardeners everywhere.

I'll cover all types of gardening in small spaces - Square Foot Gardening tips, Container Gardening, Butterfly Gardening, Landscaping, and anything else that might be helpful to the gardner.

Be sure to look around - there's lots of good stuff here! We hope you enjoy the site, please bookmark it and come back often as we will be adding a lot more information in the near future.



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